Circle1 Gallery, Berlin, Germany

13.07 - 10.08.2019

The references between Rorschach test and Alexander’s work are not coincidental. The test, which was implemented to detect thought disorders and mental issues, deals with complex human interpretation algorithms. The same can be said about works presented at the 'Flashbacks' exhibition. The use of old carpets as a material for these works can be interpreted in various ways: the Eastern-European aesthetics are connected with the Ukrainian and Polish background of the artist. Spiritual, luxurious interior elements, which are often being thrown away in modern cities. There are also complex, symmetrical ornaments which consist of traditional symbols, which are often referenced to as a magical object. The iconography of the cut-outs are intuitive. They are based on the interpretation of the material itself, and merged with contemporary internet-age influences, as well as demonology, mythology, legends and folk-tales. The question to be asked is about properly integrating the knowledge of our ancestors to better understand ourselves, humanity, and the future.

Curator: Julia Gnatowska