This series consists of cut-outs from rugs.

The material refers to post-soviet aesthetics - you can often see rugs hanging on walls inside most of the older apartments in concrete buildings from until 1980’s, which have aesthetically shaped how life there was perceived and remembered by the generations. This referent nostalgic aesthetique derives from there.

Grotesque symmetrical chimeras and rorschach-like forms deal with the topic of deeply-rooted tradition in people’s unconscious - archetypes, whose habitat remains unaffected by passage of time and seemingly profound cultural, industrial changes.

2018 - ongoing.

Exhibitions : 

Obrazowanie Cyfrowe, Krakow, Poland. 2018. 

“FLASHBACKS”, Circle1 Gallery, Berlin, Germany. 2019. 

“RHIZOME”, Widna Gallery, Krakow, Poland. 2019.

“FRIENDS”, Taras Shevchenko National Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2019.